Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Can you give me a FUCK YES?! If not it's time to move on

 So today I want to talk about change, and that inner voice inside you that is screaming to get out. Let me out! Fulfill your deepest desires! Follow your dreams! What are you doing here!? 

What ever happened to doing what made you happy? Ask your inner child, what was it that you wanted to be when you grow up? Did you want to travel to the stars as an astronaut? Did you want to help people and be a paramedic? Chances are you wanted to do something extraordinary and make a difference either for humanity or anything that made you truly happy and inspired people. When did you stop and realize, that you gave up on your dreams? That you chose money and security over the things that made you the happiest?

When I was a kid I dreamed about being an actress and a dancer. Doing that brought me so much joy. What do I do instead? I'm working at a strip club cocktailing slinging $20 drinks working for a company that doesnt respect me or  value me. I'm completely disposable, eyecandy with an expiration date. I make them so much money, yet they do not honor me or my hard work and don't have my best interest at heart.

Why is it that we stop believing in ourselves and what we can accomplish? We are so big and capable of so much! Time is so precious and something we can never get back. We get so consumed in the art of making a lot of money that We gave up happiness altogether, then one day wake up and realize we didn't do anything we really wanted to do. Don't be a victim of society. If your inner child voice is screaming at you right now to stop and reach for the stars! You better get out of your desk, or whatever position that you hold and do it already! Why? Because why not!? Why look back and realize when your fifty years old, wow, I did nothing I wanted to do in this life. Life is to short to waste!

We are creatures of abundant energy. We are so powerful! We have the power to influence change, to help people, to give advice, to heal! Tap in and use your power.

 As a girl living in sin city it's so easy to get caught up in the easy money, the plastics, the ego, so many of us put on a fake happy face and go to work then go home and bitch about your day, your co workers, your boss, how horribly they run the company, etc. Can you run a company better? Prove it! Start your own company, follow your dreams! Influence others! Make a difference! You want to travel the world? It's waiting for you! 

I once read an article about always vibrating at your highest vibration, Always saying FUCK YES! To anything that excites you. If it doesn't fully excite you, if you have any doubts in your mind, If it truly doesn't nurture your spirit and make you happy, throw in the towel and give me a  FUCK NO!

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