Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Vegas strip clubs, the do's, dont's and behind the scenes

So you want to go to a Vegas strip club do we? Cocktailing at a Vegas strip club the last year, this sin city girl has the ins and outs of what really happens at the Vegas strip clubs, and I'm gonna share all my secrets with you.

First off you need to decide if you want to do a fully nude or a topless titty bar. In Vegas it's illegal to serve alcohol at a fully nude strip club, so if your thinking about drinking it's a better to do the topless option. 

Touching is okay! Feel free to touch and grab the breasts and ass as much as you please, but stay away from touching her private region, you may get slapped.

Not every girl that works at a strip club is a hooker! I get asked to go back to guys hotel rooms at least three times a night and I'm serving the beverages! There is a handful of girls that will go back to your room for the right price, usually a thousand dollars minimum, don't insult them with the big $500, you'll get laughed at. I once had three Indian guys ask me "all three of us for $500?" Yes of course! I will let all my friends know! They will be running over here to give all three of you guys a blowjob! Haha NOT.

Table dances are $20 per song. Vip dances are the far better value, fifteen minutes for $100, thirty minutes for $200, $400 for an hour etc. You must purchase  two drinks for every fifteen minutes. If you are doing an hour you must purchase a bottle, bottles typically run about $550 at most Vegas strip joints. Then for the really big spenders there is the luxurious skybox! This is $600 per girl you want up there. One hour minimum and you must purchase a bottle of champagne, again around $550-$1500 bottle. Iv heard stories that the magic happens in the VIP rooms, especially in the skybox. Be sure to tip out your security and hosts, there are cameras everywhere you turn.

We always collect our money first. If there's one thing that iv learned about strip clubs in Vegas is that the customer is never right. Be sure to pay your entertainer if you agree to do another lap dance and if you ordered a $20 drink and refuse to pay because it's too expensive, security will kick you out if you don't pay. It's a money making business, and if your  not spending money, there is no use for you anymore. So come stacked.