Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to get the bottle service job in Vegas every girl wants.

   Moving to Las Vegas? Your gonna need a job. The most successful jobs in Vegas are going to be in the service industry whether your working in the night clubs or casinos where the cash is always flowing.Today I'm going to talk about the job all the woman that move to Vegas aspire to get. Bottle service. If you get a job doing bottle service in any of Vegas hottest night clubs you are set. These girls make a thousand a night easy on weekends because of the automatic 20% gratuity added to every bottle. On average that's about $200 per table or more, these girls get about 5 tables on a busy weekend night. Talk about easy money! My advice to get these jobs: First you need to look like a supermodel. Even if your an absolute knockout it is a requirement to have a rock hard cut bikini body or at least a really flat stomach. So girls step one! Hit the gym and get working on that V line! Second fake boobs help a lot! They are not a requirement but 90% of bottle girls have fake boobs. Faking it till you make it with a push up bra will only go so far until they ask you to out their bikini on, and their usually not padded. 
    After you have your body on lockdown, it really helps if you know somebody. It's all about who you know in this town. Knowing a hiring manager helps a lot because they tend to hire their friends and pick their favorites. This is where the term "she probably sucked somebody's dick for that job." And it's not to far fetched because it's all about knowing the rich and powerful people in this town. But don't lose hope yet, you can still apply online if that is a requirement and go through the regular application process. If you look like a supermodel I'm sure you won't have a problem getting in. My advice to you is to avoid applying in February-March when pool season is starting. I went to multiple interviews during this time and waited about four hours at each one because there were 700 girls trying to get the same job I was. They were gorgeous, and it was a nightmare. My last tip is to look good on paper. Honestly it doesn't matter if your pretty, I have encountered so many women that have gotten hired with zero experience and it's really not fair. But if your lacking in say something like your breast size, having experience in a luxury resort setting does help! Especially for the snooty big money resorts like Xs and encore where you have to go through the whole application and interview process. My list on places to apply: Xs, encore, Drais, Omnia, Hakkasan, Light, and marquee.
    Well good luck to you and I hope you snatch the job all the girls want. Try not to make the girls cry when she asks you how you got your job, just point her in my direction and I'll give her a little taste of Vegas reality.

Xoxo Sin City Girl

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

taking on sin city

       Sin City, where the wind blows cocaine and dollar bills, you might come back married, broke or rich, you just never know how this storm of a city will have its way with you! When I first moved to Las Vegas I was 20 years old. I had so many plans to take this city by storm but I was held back by a few months, cant do much in this town until you turn 21.You can party your ass off with a fake Id,and I did as much as it would let me, but my main mission was money and a great job in the industry. Because what's the first thing you think about when you think of Las Vegas? Whether it's hookers  and blow, gambling and how much money your going to win on that blackjack roller coaster ride of yours, If your moving here for the first time from out of state you must only have two things on your mind, partying and MONEY. Because for a girl, Vegas is the Mecca for Women to either thrive or break. And this is my survival guide.
    I had came to vegas from Arizona where I was a go-go dancer and a bartender in old town Scottsdale, there you only had to be 19 to serve alcohol, I had so many expectations for this town and was ready to conquer. I moved here with an ex boyfriend, the term ''some people cant handle Vegas'' could not have been more on point in this case, I mean this boy was staying out until 5:30 am playing Texas holdem poker tournaments at the sun coast casino every night until he was dead broke, asking me to pay his bills and then lying to me about paying them and using the money to gamble instead. Long story short that among another things like me finally turning 21 and getting in with the cool, rich party crowd was a little much for him to handle, I stayed, he went back to Arizona, and life in Vegas is just starting.
       I had the In, a host for every club. I was going out four nights a week to the hottest clubs in Vegas like XS, Surrender, Hakkasan, and Light living the luxuries as a female in Vegas. Comp dinners at expensive steak houses and sushi bars, comp tables, comp bottles of sparkling Dom perignon spraying into the sky's, cristal, Greygoose and bottomless peach Ciroc. Colorful streamers scurried the air with a sweet smell of champagne. And the men, well the men are from all over the world, England, Australia, Spain, you name it! And if they're buying 5k tables at the hottest clubs, which is common in this town, they are rich too, and what girl doesn't want a rich man right? But let me tell you, the tourists are the safe bet, because once you live in Vegas you start to realize its a SMALL TOWN. A lot smaller than you might think, especially in the industry, everybody knows everybody, people talk, the hosts and promoters are the definition of players, and  the bottle girls may or may not have had sex with the manager for their 1k a night job in the night clubs. Who you are in this town is up to you but reputation and a name for yourself is everything. This is a place where girls post themselves on in third person talking shit on themselves about how big their new fake tits are, their latest butt implants, what strip club they work at, and how much they charge to take them home that night to promote themselves as hookers. Because when people think of Sin City all they can think about is money, and how much money their going to have when they leave.
until next time.

XOXO Sin City Girl